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What’s all this about?

Village of the Drammed was formed in 2011 when a gaggle of whisky enthusiasts got together to make a video podcast talking about their favourite mutual topic.  After 12 episodes life got pretty busy – one of the team started their own distillery & then moved to another city, another moved to another other city (but didn’t start a distillery), and one didn’t move cities or start a distillery.  And our videographer became a proper whisky journalist, and started getting really busy working with loads of whisky brands.

Realising that it was now more or less impossible to get the four of us in the same room at the same time (and also that people would rather listen to us than see our faces), we’ve decided to embrace the audio format for this bold new foray.

The Village People

So who’s making all this magic happen?  It’s these guys:

Billy Abbott

Billy "Fishfrightener" Abbott

Billy formerly lived the life of a computer programmer in the finance industry, but ever curious about the world of flavour in late 2009 embarked upon a blogging project: Billy’s Booze Blog.

Now, years down the track, he works in the whisky industry as a professional blogger, competition judge, tasting organiser… and yet still maintains a hobby interest in whisky and spirits as well – attending many festivals and touring Scotland in his spare time.

His favourite whisky is Ledaig, and he’s a total pervert.


Jason B. Standing

Having discovered whisky at the age of 17, Jason started a small collection of bottles in Australia throughout the course of exploring the corners of the world that flavour could take you, and then upon moving to London in 2004 gained access to rather a lot more options, and became more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

In 2010 Jason co-founded London whisky collective Whisky Squad, and has since gone on to become a competition judge, co-organiser of the Dramboree festival, and keen visitor to festivals and tastings all over the UK and Europe.

He really, really, really likes Clynelish – and he has a wonderful and tolerant girlfriend, who (thankfully) also loves whisky.

And he has a personal blog which generally has very little to do with whisky, except for when it does.

Why are you doing this?

We love whisky.  We love talking about it, we love learning about it, and we definitely love tasting it.  And we like sharing.

Anything else we should know?

Yes.  Our intro/outro music is The Cadillac Rocker by Marius Joppich