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Nothing to do with podcasts

We’re all rather excited here at Village of the Drammed HQ, because news has just reached us that one Mr Billy Abbott (known about this parish) has gone & won the blind whisky nosing contest at the Feis Ile Festival of Music and Malt 2015!

So that’s rather special.  Well done, Billy!

Last time we had a go at it I think I got 2 out of 7 or 8 or 9 or whatever it is (i.e. barely a result worth remembering – which is probably why I’m so vague on the details), and joined the philosophical group who came up with all manner of post-event theories about how impossible it was and how it was all guesswork, etc.  Which is exactly the sort of thing you’d expect from people who were basically guessing.

The *good* news is I sense that we’ve got a podcast topic in the making here.

(photograph shamelessly purloined from Mr J Webb’s Facebook stream, and we’re desperately hoping he won’t object)


S3E1: It’s Islay Time!

Jason and Billy resurrect Village of the Drammed in a new, less visual form. No longer do you need to be distracted by moving images, but instead can weed your garden, defuse bombs and plait spaghetti, all while listening to us talk about whisky.

This week, we talk about the Islay Festival of Malt and Music. Billy’s going, Jason isn’t. Hilarity ensues!

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