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Compass Box vs The SWA

S3E3: Compass Box, The SWA and two men talking rubbish on a podcast

Compass Box, whisky blenders and lovely people, have received a slap on the wrist from the EU, via the Scotch Whisky Association, for being too honest about their whisky, and the internet is unhappy. Jason and Billy are here to put everyone in their place, or at least talk rubbish about the situation for just under twenty minutes. It’s much better than that sounds.

Billy would like to point out that he is not a lawyer, and he’s not quite as sure about the legality of the situation as he made out in the podcast. He’s fairly confident that he’s along the right lines though.

Jason has nothing he’d like to point out. He’s a confident man.


S3E2: Why should we care about whisky awards?

awardsA new month, a new episode!

Well, it’s been two months, and Jason and Billy are busy people. People who haven’t got into the rhythm of regular podcasts yet. But anyway:

This week, we talk about whisky awards. What are they? Who judges them? Should we care about them? All this and more is at least discussed, if not vaguely answered.

Useful links:

In other news, the episode title of ‘Awards? Huh! Yeah! What are they good for?’ was rejected early in the editing process.

Jason and Billy

Village of the Drammed: The Return

“What’s all this?” you may ask. Welcome to a new era of drammed villagery. What started out as a video podcast, recorded upstairs at The Gunmaker’s in Clerkenwell with three blokes on a sofa talking at a camera, has now become a podcast.

Between August 2011 and December 2012 we released 12 videos, packed with random chat about the world of booze. Unfortunately Real Life got in the way and our mooted season two never happened.

The three men on the sofa were flung to the winds: Darren’s distillery launched, and he now spends his time travelling the world when he’s not making gin and whisky; Jason moved from London to Bristol, putting an expensive train journey or a tedious bus ride between him and the rest of the crew; and Billy just complained a lot about being busy, without really having much to show for it. Not even producer Alwynne was spared, becoming a successful whisky journalist and presenter, spending her time running around the country either feeding people drinks or being fed them. There was no time for Village of the Drammed and thanks to changes at our video host, season one disappeared off the web.

It seemed Village of the Drammed was done.

It wasn’t.

Billy likes podcasting. He listens to too many podcasts and fondly remembers his days of presenting a computer game show. Jason likes talking about whisky and hidden away in Bristol, a land strangely bereft of a good dram, he doesn’t get that much of a chance to any more. A plan was formed. A podcast was born.

With the crew stripped down to Billy and Jason, and only using the rudimentary advanced technology that they have to hand, expect semi-regular instalments of two men talking about booze while sitting at each end of a Skype connection. What could go wrong?

So, welcome to season three of Village of the Drammed. Now you can enjoy hearing us without seeing our faces. Which can only be a plus.